Some things happen in your life that makes you wanna stay in bed and not get up until all the sorrow is gone.  But you must get up, get up and rejoice that your life is not based on your passed or the unknown future, your life is based on what you choose every living moment.

Today at the bathroom in McDonald’s I saw one of those tools to change babies’ dipers.  Below it was one of those tiny dots for the blind to read the instructions.  It came to me, what it must be like to be blind and raise a child.  Is there a sense of inadequacy?  Or do you get the hank of it just like any other parent?

The truth is that we all feel inadequate in some points in our lives, but we are able to overcome the challenges we face.  Sometimes we just have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, and get up and live out life the best way we know how.  And when the time comes when we don’t know how, we just have to take a deep breath, and give it another try.  Until we get it right.

I remember when I was told to keep a secret.  I remember when I was asked to omit the truth.  I remember when I was coerced to not be myself.  And I remember standing up against such things.

The world is filled with people with great ideas.  Ideas that are able to change the world, literally.  What happens with such ideas is the silencing that happens by the hindrance of fear.  It creeps up from no where.  Anxious thoughts, prevailing dreams now deconstructed to the limits of ordinary humans.  With such boundaries the ideas are no longer the same now that they have been corrupted by the devolutionary system.

The Miracle of Life

In the dinning area of my hotel in Stavanger I saw a baby being lifted up in the air by his father.  As most babies, instead of looking down at him, he was rather looking at everything around him, seeing it for the first time.  I was totally captured by this moment seeing how we’re introduced to the wonder of life, and how each day is a gift.  I’m sure that there are plenty of aspects in my life that I’ve simply lost the wonder of it all, simply by caving in to hurtful moments rather than leaving it behind and celebrating what’s infront of me.

Our celebration of being alive is the only proof that we still have the wonder of life within us, something that no one or no situation can take away.  The paradox for humanity though is that letting go is the only way to not lose the wonder.  A difficult task since most of us care about justice.  Sometimes we just have to accept injustice upon ourselves to really start the journey towards happiness.  It builds character, it tests our patience, and somehow we can take on the hard times we went through as an experience that helped fuel the joy we now have, captured by the wonder of every breath, every touch, every scent, every sight, every laughter, every tear, every goodbye…it all counts, it’s all worth embracing, no matter how freakin painful it may feel; it is the wonder of life, that though imperfection does not makes us happy, it does perfect us, it makes us perfectly whole, leaving us able to say that we are now no longer proof of existence, but proof of life.